Premiere Theatre 8 & Cinemark

Premiere Theatre in Norwalk, Ohio

My wife and I both love going to a movie theatre, although in the past few years there have been very few movies that have interested us enough to pay to see, but we finally had an opportunity to visit Norwalk's new Premiere 8 Theaters last summer (2006) when we went to see a movie and in a word, BEAUTIFUL! You'll love the stadium style tiered seating, wide aisles, large screens and excellent sound system. In my opinion, the Norwalk Premiere 8 Theater Complex is better than any theater complex I've been to in the Erie/Huron/Sandusky County area. Check it out the next time you're in a mood to see a movie. Since then, we've been back many times to see various movies and have enjoyed this theatre just as much. If you're not from the Norwalk area, you may have trouble finding this theater complex. It's off a road that is Rt.250, which I know doesn't help much. The street is called "Theatre Drive" and it's directly across from Arby's Restaurant. There is a small strip center on each side of that road and after turning left onto the road, go about a 1/2 mile and you'll see the theater complex on your left. They also have a special matinee price and a senior price (over 62) at all show times.


Cinemark in Sandusky, Ohio

I finally went to the new Cinemark Theatre, behind the mall, in Sandusky, Ohio to watch the TCM promotion of "Signin' in the Rain" starting Kelly/O'Connor/Reynolds in the afternoon at 2pm. It was BAD experience. I love this movie and I was looking forward to see this movie on the big screen. My wife wanted to shop before the movie at the mall and finally I arrived about 1/2 hour from the movie started. Guess what, there was no seating in the lobby - just one bench next the exit door. I got a small popcorn, a medium drink and a small box of candy and it was $13.50! Finally they opened this theater about 5 minutes before the movie was started (still standing for 25 minutes and my legs hurt).  The seating was nice and a stadium theater the same as Norwalk, but they didn't start the movie at 2pm. Nor at 2:05, nor at 2:10, nor at 2:15 and finally a customer when to the lobby who complained that the movie didn't start. Finally it started and the TCM promotion, where they interview Debbie Reynolds, was half gone before they started the reel. Finally I did get to see the movie and it was great. But I don't think I will go to this theater for any movie in the future. By the way, there was five people watching the movie. Two older couples and a single female. If they treat older couples like this, I'm not surprised that people stay away from the theater.



New 3D at Theaters

(Posted March 13, 2010)

Last year (2009) something new hit theatres in that some movies were released in 3D. For those of us who went to the movies in the 50's and 60's, 3D is not a new technology. In fact, quite a few movies were released in 3D during that time, but you had to wear multi-colored cardboard glasses and although the process was sometimes impressive, it also left a lot to be desired in most movies. Being a visual person, I was anxious to see what improvements they made to 3D and so my wife and I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the Premiere Theatre in Norwalk.  I could have seen "Avatar" a few months earlier, but my wife wasn't interested in that so I was stuck with AIW.

First let me comment on the process. New technology has changed how we see 3D in theatres. Yes, we still have to wear glasses, but they are more like gray sunglasses and they are made out of plastic and they are nice looking and comfortable to wear. For this privilege you are charged $1.50 extra per person and they require you to return the 3D glasses after the show. I think this charge is ridiculous but it's a new process and very few movies are available in 3D so I guess they want to pay for the new equipment at the theater. Hopefully, eventually the extra charge will disappear.

Now let's talk about seeing the movie. WOW!!! I really enjoyed seeing this movie in 3D. In fact, I had no interest in seeing it normally but the 3D process actually made me enjoy the movie. Yes, there are still times when you flinch or duck to the left or right to avoid objects thrown out from the movie towards the audience. That hasn't changed, but the whole experience of seeing a magical movie in 3D is breathtaking. This process is perfect for animation and Disney is already releasing most of their new movies in 3D. But what really impressed me is how everyday scenes had an enormous depth of field and and the separation between the various objects in the scene. In other words, normal scenes look so much better in 3D.

Is 3D here to stay? Yes it is. Sony is working hard on making their new TV's and DVD's able to play 3D and if Sony is into it, everybody else will be into it also. More and more movies are going to be released in 3D because the box office sales are better for movies in 3D. And, for a short time, it gives the theater owners a chance to compete with home DVD's which means they hope you'll get out of your home and visit their theater.  And I agree with them. This is a wonderful process and I beg you to stop by the Premiere Theatre in Norwalk and see a movie in 3D. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.  Oh, and by the way, I recommend "Alice in Wonderland" also :-)

NOTE: Some people who wear glasses or have an eye problem might be affected by seeing a movie in 3D. About 5% of people won't see it at all because their brain is not processing this type of information. If you have a problem with 3D, I saw a doctor on Fox News that recommended using an anti-histamine before the movie and he claims that 95% of the people with 3D problems will be corrected. If using this product does not correct your problems with 3D, he recommends that you visit an eye doctor because you may have a more serious problem with your eyes. 


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Editorial on Movie Theaters Today

There are several other points I would make about this theatre and in fact, small theaters in general. First, and most annoying, you can't call the theater and talk with a human being. The only thing you get are the show times. I can't begin to tell you how annoying this is. Secondly, they don't always run their ad in the Norwalk paper which means if you wanted to go to a movie on Tuesday evening, and they didn't run an ad in Tuesday's paper,  good luck in finding out what was playing there or the show times or you could just the "Visit the Theatre" line above and that will tell you the times and prices. If you look in the paper, even if you could find a newspaper ad for this theater, you probably wouldn't be able to read it anyway because they show all the movies titles in capital letters, so good luck reading these ads. Apparently they never learned basic graphic arts skills. Of course, you can always call the theater phone and listen to a 10 minute recorded message which is even more annoying. Either way, they make it hard to find out what is playing and they wonder why they have less business today. Probably the best way is to just click on my link above this paragraph to find the show times at Premiere on the Internet.

The second point I would make is that there is something wrong with the concession stands in theaters today. I remember when I would go into a theater and smell the popcorn popping and couldn't wait to buy it because it smelled so good. Well, they often don't make popcorn at the theater anymore. Oh, they have a popcorn machine filled with popcorn but, sometimes that popcorn comes out of a plastic bag and there is no smell whatsoever. And, by the way, the popcorn is stale and tasteless so if you love good, warm, home cooked popcorn, don't waste your money buying this stuff unless you see them making it.  And when they do pop the corn in the theater, you still can't get that great popcorn smell. Why? Because they no longer use coconut oil in their machines. Some idiot said it was bad for you and everyone switched to another oil and the smell went with it. Well, it turns out coconut oil is not bad for you but it's too late to switch back to that oil.  The candy is overpriced and the service is mediocre at best. We usually stop at WalMart and pick up some sugar free candy to take to the theater with us when going to a movie which, of course, they discourage in the theatre. Hey, serve us fresh food at a fair price and we'll buy from you instead of sneaking our own snacks into the theater.  

For years and years we've been hearing theater owners saying that the reason their concession stand products are priced so high is because the rental fees on the movies they show is so high that they must rely upon their sales at the concession stand to pay their overhead. Same argument a car dealer has that they only make money on their service department, not their new car sales. All of that may be true, but it begs the question if concession sales are so important, why don't theater operators make their concession stands more appealing - by the products they display and by the smell and variety of the  products  You may get us to buy bad popcorn once, but shame on us if we do it a second time. I'm sure part of their thinking is that their audience is kids anyway and kids will eat anything, so don't worry about it. Which brings me to the next point.  

Since I wrote this review, my wife and I had wanted to see two movies that were released in the last year. Neither movie ever showed in this area and you would think with all the multiple screen complex's today, they could squeeze these movies into their theatres. Instead we subjected to an endless stream of  children animation films or teenage movies or gross out comedy's for immature young adults or bloody horror films. I understand that you have to book in movies that people will pay to see and that kids will use their parents money to pay to see anything that is gross or disgusting, but I hope you'll also understand that it has created the vacuum that exists today. Most people over 40 (which, by the way,  is the majority of the population) just have little interest in what you're selling and that's why your audience is what it is. We're not staying home because we're to old to go out an enjoy a movie, but rather because you give us no reason to come to your theatres. I'm not singling out the Premiere 8 Theatres for my comments, but all  theatre owners and people that make the movies..

In the last 25 years, there have been huge improvements in theaters. Beautiful wide screens, multiple surround sound systems, stadium style seating, and amazing computer oriented special affect photography that must be seen on a large screen to be appreciated. Yet more and more people are staying away from theaters because the product doesn't appeal to them or they just don't feel welcome. Theater owners blame much of this on movies rental at home or DVD sales. But the truth is that often they're simply not booking product that appeals to the over 40 crowd which is really sad because almost any movie will be enjoyed far more if seen in a theater. And that theater experience will stay with you when you rent the movie at home for viewing on your television. You may be watching it on a 30" TV screen at home, but your memory will see it on a huge, movie screen.  It's hard for me to imagine enjoying Star Wars on my TV at home, if I hadn't first seen it in a theater. Or the classic Disney animation films of the 50's and 60's. Imagine seeing "How The West Was Won" on TCM without having first seen it at a Cinerama theater screen. How about "Ben Hur" or "Lawrence of Arabia" for the first time on your TV at home. The fact is that any movie is more enjoyable if first seen in a theater. And the movies being made today with stunning special effects will never be fully enjoyed if not seen is a theater first.

With the advent of high definition DVD's and large wall screens, I don't know how long movie theaters will be in business. Maybe they're right in just going after the kids. But for me, the ambience of a movie theater is important and I treasure the opportunity to see a movie that I want to see on a big screen movie theater.  So a few times each year I'll get an opportunity to see movies I want  to see like "The DeVinci Code" or "Wild Hogs" or the newest Harry Potter film. And I'll sit there in amazement that just my wife and I and few (very few) other people are enjoying themselves so much in the theater. I know that time marches on for the theaters, just like everything  else, but I enjoy having a wonderful new theater complex in this area whenever they get a movie in that my wife and I want to see.  I encourage all of you to do the same.    


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